Review of GHD Indicators

At the High-level meeting of the Good Humanitarian Donorship initiative held in New York in July 2012, member states agreed to undertake a self-assessment of donor performance against the Good Humanitarian Donorship Principles. This review is intended to be a simple yet robust mechanism for assessing the GHD donors’ collective success in implementing the 23 principles and good practices. The initial Review of GHD Indicators was completed in 2012 and has now become a regular function of GHD’s co-chairmanship.

The goal of the process is two-fold: firstly to allow GHD donors to reflect internally on their humanitarian strategies and practices in the light of the GHD principles; and secondly to provide the GHD community with valuable information about the interdependence between members’ individual and collective decisions and responses related to their humanitarian portfolios.

The analytical criteria for this review have been designed to support self-assessment through a questionnaire sent to all members. The criteria focus mainly on qualitative aspects (policies, processes and instruments) rather than quantitative elements (compliance with prescriptive allocation models or funding flows). The analysis was based on the responses provided by individual GHD members. Responses have been grouped to show how individual GHD donors are implementing the principles – highlighting the frequency with which different methods, systems and guidance are used. 

For each area of the GHD principles, one or more good practices have been highlighted. These good practices demonstrate interesting and/or innovative and effective approaches to areas of humanitarian donorship by different GHD donors.

So, what have we learnt overall? 

More than ten years on, the GHD donors have come of age. Donors are living up to the commitments they made under the GHD principles; respecting the general principles of donorship, developing good practices in financing, management and accountability, promoting standards and enhancing implementation, and improving learning and accountability – including by holding themselves individually and collectively accountable. In doing so, GHD donors have confirmed their role as effective and important players in the global humanitarian system.

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